Have any questions about RFID and what it can do for you? Get in touch! Have any questions about RFID and what it can do for you? Get in touch!
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Work in Progress Resource

For decades, many organisations have relied on antiquated systems of paper, hand-written forms or labels, redundant data entry, and numerous decentralised databases to perform its daily functions. 

This causes inefficiencies from misidentification,  errors in data entry, time looking for misplaced files, and the need to hire more staff to help out.

Replace Paper with Smartphone Entry

Smartphone data entry with:

  • Scanned Positive ID of the item being worked on 
  • Time and Date when box was ticked
  • Photographic proof of requirements 
  • Signature 
  • Location / GPS 
  • Process Steps than cannot be skipped over
  • Visibility of what has been done and not done
  • All recorded into a could database for viewing within a browser

Management portal views of:

  • All items work in progress – down to individual steps if required
  • Jobs that show all items required and where each of that jobs items is in the production process
  • List of all items you make
  • Reports – 4 standard reports
    • Such - Non Compliance report – incomplete jobs or remediation jobs
  • Dashboard of top level production metrics
  • Integration data – take data to and from your Accounting system

Idencia work in progress solution:

  • Cloud based Database viewed by from any Browser
  • Android Smartphone data entry via predefined processes.
  • Every produced item is given a unique ID for data to be recorded against .
    • Can be RFID Tag or Barcode or manually entered data
    • Scanning unique ID number calls up item or record associated to it
  • Outdoor location can be recorded into Idenica database using Smartphone GPS location.
  • Licensed by the number of items that have database record.

Want to see the Idencia work in progress in action? Contact Paul for a demo.