Have any questions about RFID and what it can do for you? Get in touch! Have any questions about RFID and what it can do for you? Get in touch!
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Happy productive staff.

Happy productive staff.

Welcome to the ZenTag Blog Section.
We have started ZenTag to help NZ organisations and businesses use RFID Technology to do better, be better, and to keep happy productive staff. We like working with happy productive staff.

We want to help your business or organisation know what you have, and where it is, with almost 100% accuracy. The retail world has accepted that RFID is a technology that delivers on that promise. Retail RFID implementation delivers on the financial side (ROI) but also on staff engagement. We have seen staff using RFID hand scanners, happily completing accurate inventory counts in an hour or two instead of the inventory being manually and poorly counted, at an annual stock take.
Yes, RFID is one of those rare technologies that actually makes your staff’s and your job, easier. If you need your workload to get easier give us a call.
So, this RFID technology has been around a while and you might ask:
"Why start an RFID business in the middle of a pandemic?"

We think that in the middle of a pandemic is the best time to know exactly what you own and where it is. RFID is booming because retailers and business owners need this data to make clear, informed decisions. Uncertain supply chains and increasing freight costs are the new norm. Add into the mix that customers now want to see what you have and the choice of multiple ways to get it, so your systems inventory information better be accurate!

RFID is delivering accurate inventory information faster and more efficiently to most of the world's big retail apparel brands. Companies like NIKE, who manufacture across 40 countries and 500 factories are increasing sales while reducing inventory by RFID tagging every item they get manufactured. They use data from scanning RFID tagged items to better understand everything from manufacturing lead times to shrinkage within stores.

Also, RFID is just as beneficial for small retailers and businesses, they are usually lean staffed and using mostly manual processes. RFID tagging their stock and assets makes counting and tracking faster and more accurate. Staff have more time to focus on the customer facing aspects of the business rather than spend time looking for missing or mis located stock.

If your organisation would like to know what you have, and where it is with almost 100% accuracy, if your stock is hard to track or identify, if you rely on good people to make processes work, RFID might help you.

Call us and we can help you decide if RFID Technology may help your business get better.
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